SignSafe is a tool that allows you to remotely sign any PDF document with a handwritten signature on the smartphone screen using your finger.

A solution dedicated to work in B2B (signature between companies), B2C (signature of company documents by its retail clients) and use as part of the internal processes of the company (e.g. employees).

The SignSafe system can both enable you to obtain a signature remotely, as well as serve as a signing tool for approvals, contracts and other documents used by your organization in your company's facilities without having to print and archiving data.

Documents are signed in the secure SignSafe mobile application available on iOS and Android devices

"Since we introduced Signsafe to the market, we can see how much we have helped our customers while supporting the environment with a paperless solution. As an organization, we are proud of our current successes, however, we are determined to continue developing and promoting our solution. 

— Marek Chaszczewski, Chairman of the Board


  • SignSafe has been legally analysed to confirm the validity of the signed signature (worldwide law)

  • A signature made with SignSafe is legally recognized as a handwritten signature, not an electronic one!

  • The ability to use this solution by operators operating in Poland has been confirmed. (energy, telephony, etc.)

  • Possibility of verification and confirmation by a graphologist (as with a paper document)


  • The signature is an integral part of the document - a signature compiled into a pdf document as an image - the possibility of removing it is analogous to the signature on a paper document
  • Encrypted connections (SSL)
  • Possibility to implement dedicated security solutions

The SignSafe solution brings a number of benefits to any enterprise, regardless of industry. The most noticeable is:

  • Reduction in the costs relating to: printing, enveloping, shipping, scanning, assignment, archiving, staff costs, costs of device servicing and human error
  • Automation and improvement of processes within the company and increased effectiveness in sales activities (the possibility of triggering impulse sales)
  • Strengthening the company's image as modern and pro-ecological (Paperless)
  • Possibility to use the solution for servicing in branches as an internal solution (without the use of subscribers' devices)

The diagrams below show the difference between the standard process (left side) and the process using SignSafe remote signature (right side).



Perfect plan for a small company
PLN 100 per month
  • 50 documents in plan
  • UNLIMITED number of users / employees
  • Access to the markers enabling the use of variable document templates
  • UNLIMITED number of signatures per month
  • Only 3 PLN for each subsequent document sent (above the limit)
  • 115 PLN setup fee including own server with 2.5 GB of disk space
  • Possibility of integration with any customer system individual pricing
  • * Possibility to use customer branding (individual pricing)
  • -10% discount With an annual payment
  • Possibility to cancel at any time one month's notice period




The product and package are individually tailored to the customer's needs
Pricing individual
  • The price package is adjusted and negotiated individually
  • Possibility to use your own branding
  • Integration with client's systems (billing, accounting, etc.)
  • UNLIMITED number of users / employees
  • UNLIMITED number of templates
  • Access to markers to use your current templates
  • UNLIMITED number of signatures per month
  • Possible installation on the client's server
  • The product is adapted to the existing processes in your company
  • Possibility of using individual security
  • Possibility to use additional authorization and verification of users

The technological partner of Signsafe is Coblit, a company with international experience in creating dedicated solutions and development of startups.

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